Sunday, August 01, 2010

Breaking through

The first sunset in a while. (The disc of the sun was actually red.)Apparently there were only four clear days in San Diego in the whole month of July, which was also the coldest since 1933. This really is a summer of extremes all around the world - besides New York's (second-)hottest month on record, near-record cools in the Midwest, and the record rainfalls, floods and landslides in Brazil, Poland and China, we read now of wildfires in Russia and lethal monsoon deluges in Pakistan - two of the fourteen countries or territories which have broken heat records since May. (The others: Finland, Qatar, Sudan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Iraq, Myanmar, Ascension Island, Solomon Islands and Colombia; source.) Gorey. In case you haven't been keeping track...

12/8: Make that seventeen countries.

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