Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interfaith feast

I'm a bit under the weather (fluesy) so a full report will have to wait until tomorrow, but today's Liberty Walk Interfaith Rally for Religious Freedom was really great. Organized by two 24-year-olds, a rabbinical student and a born again Christian, it met in the oldest Catholic church in the City, just next to Ground Zero. (In fact St. Peter's just reopened yesterday, after renovations necessitated by damage from an engine from one of the 9/11 planes; another engine from the same plane punctured the roof of the Burlington Coat Factory on Park Place, where Park51 will now rise.) A diverse crowd, in terms of age as well as faith, and powerful speakers. The march, huddled under umbrellas with little American flags, was a bit of a bummer... until the end when patriotic songs rose from the sea of umbrellas. As we sang "My country 'tis of thee" I noticed a woman near me wearing a teeshirt with the logo above on it. It all fit together!

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