Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hard times

Commencement is tomorrow, so it might seem a bit insensitive of me to put this up. (The situation's actually considerably worse than this: the article this is taken from notes that only 56% of last year's graduates had jobs by this Spring, compared to 90% as recently as three years ago.) But since they know exactly what's going on, denying it on my part would be more insensitive. We all know that the "Great Recession" (which seems to be considering going double-dip) has not affected everyone equally, but rather left many of us comfortably in place while pulling the rug out from under others in drastic and lasting ways. If we don't recall those suffering, we might think that the situation's bearable, and acquiesce in the return of the old regime redistributing wealth to the already wealthy.

Those of us with the privilege of job security should also be thinking about ways for those excluded from rewarding work to continue to lead rewarding lives.

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