Saturday, July 30, 2011


Buddhas and Bodhisattvas galore! Flyer for an exhibit introducing Buddhist figures at the Kamakura Museum. and some etiquette tips on how to comport yourself around Buddhist 仏像 statuary.

Posters for an exhibition on 空海 Kûkai at the National Museum: 98.9% National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties!
The 大仏 Great Buddha of Kamakura in life and in udon noodles.

地蔵菩薩 Jizô in Kamakura; the first is inside the Butsuden at  建長寺 Kenchôji, the second from a mizuko kuyô site at 長谷寺 Hase, whose souvenir shop also sells the squishy colored Jizô keychains at the end.


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