Monday, September 12, 2011

Train of sight

Buying new glasses frames is such a parlous thing, isn't it! I'm finally getting new ones because, well, because I lost the other ones yesterday. More precisely, they were pulled off my nose by a subway door at Grand Army Plaza. I kid you not! Glasses made it on the train, but I was left on the platform. I suppose I'm lucky it didn't take my nose too. The MTA Lost and Found hasn't found them yet; I'm not holding my breath. They served long and well, but it's not a bad thing to move on...

Trying out new frames is a strange push and pull of what kind of person you think you look like, can look like, should look like. Cool, warm, intellectual, nerdy, kind, hip? They're aspirational windows-of-the-soul. Once you've been doing it for a few years, there's lots of "been there done that," too. Not that you really know how they look anyway, since you need glasses to see ...! Or that other people really notice anyway. How are these? The picture was taken by a salesman at an optician near school - his top recommendation. I look dazed because I'm pretending to be able to see something over his shoulder. Could this be me? It's plastic again, and reddish, though larger than we've had in a while (tiny circles and letter box slits are out except among the terminally fashionable, the Europhile and architects). Hate them? Let me know; I haven't placed the order yet.

[Update, late November: I wound up getting these, Europhile after all.]

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