Tuesday, October 11, 2011

His name is legion

My friend J told me about the poetic algorithm n + 7, created by Jean Lescure of a group called Oulipo, which replaces every noun in a given sentence with the seventh noun after it in the dictionary. Someone's put this online, and explores n from 0 to 15, for any sentence you input. I tried "His name is legion," just for the hell of it. Here's what I got.

His name is legion.

His namesake is legislation.

His nanny is legislator.

His nap is legislature.

His napalm is leisure.

His nape is lemming.

His napkin is lemon.

His nappy is lemur.

His narcissus is lender.

His narcotic is length.

His narration is lens.

His narrative is lentil.

His narrator is leopard.

His narrow is leotard.

His nasturtium is leper.

His nation is lesbian.

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