Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going down

A beautiful day, and warm. (I peeled off two of my five layers at one point!) Best of all, Kangchenjunga (third-highest peak in the world, at 8586m) hovered above us all day, as I was taken down from the ridge, where the colonial Hill Station was, past busy streets and new and older borderline settlements to "the chute," where all Darjeeling's waste ends up, flanked by crematoria and an abattoir (which I won't show here).
Prayer flags at Buddhist-Hindu shrine Mahakali (Observatory Hill).

Street scene in the busy market below the touristy/Hill Station area.

Interfaith(ish) shrine at a spring in a slum below the railway station.

Newest, poorest settlement of Darjeeling, with tip of Kangchenjunga.

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