Friday, July 06, 2012

Uncle Marco's Flying Fleamarket

One of the pleasures of parenthood, I gather, is recouping your own childhood, which is to say reconnecting with your five-year-old, your six-year-old, your eight-year-old self. (Parents are rediscovered, too.) My intense annual bouts of uncling only give a taste of this, but it is a taste. My older nephew is almost 10, which is close enough for a rediscovery of a book I devoured when I was 11. Übersetzungswürdig!

Oh, and look what I found inside it! A reminder of an earlier, nearly forgotten, prepubescent me. Our Japanese friend Y introduced me not only to origami but to making paper dolls with washi paper. She supplied me with many lovely papers, and I made dolls, not just flat, like this
one, but 3D, too. Was I into fashion even before I got into religion?!

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