Monday, September 24, 2012

Invading space

Ever wonder what the fountain at Columbus Circle looks like to Columbus? I hadn't either. But Berlin-based Japanese artist Nishi Tatzu has built a living room around the statue, and for the next two months you can visit Cristobal and see the new world as he sees it. He is a gracious host, if a bit stiff - I don't think he was expecting company.
His living room has a television, some book cases, couches, a big coffee table with art books, the usual. His view, which I'd thought diagonally westward, in fact goes straight down Eighth Avenue.
Most appreciated by his visitors seems to be his witty wallpaper. 
I imagine it gets lonely up there. The golden goddess of Central Park waves to him from behind, but he at least pretends not to notice. Likewise the traffic snarling around and up the West Side. Perhaps it's true that he never got where he really wanted to go: Japan.

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