Sunday, May 19, 2013

A new song

I'm going to miss the Church of the Holy Apostles during my 3 months of vagrancy! Because of a subway delay I arrived a little late today, and sat on the side - a new view of things. How's do you like my panorama? A bit fuzzy on the detail, but everyone's there. I know almost everyone at least by name, which is kind of remarkable - it is my church family.
It was a special day, too. Yes, it's Pentecost, "the birthday of the church," hence all the celebratory red. It was also the last day of our organist and choir director, the esteemed David Hurd, after 15 years, and the professional choir he's directed. (Austerity has taken its toll on CHA, too.) We sent them off with thanks and blessings.

What will our music be like from now on? A search is on for a new music director, who will have to make do with the (not inconsiderable) gifts of our singing congregation... The message of this part of the liturgical year - stop looking at the sky, go out there and make some noise! - is somehow reassuring at this uncertain time.

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