Monday, October 07, 2013

Commitment issues

I'm going through a weird lucky spell. I won something in the summer competitions of both Film Forum and the IFC Center! The former got me pairs of tickets to three French movies in repertory, though I had a chance only to see one of them, Nicolas Philibert's smart and endearing docco about Radio France, "La Maison de la Radio." The hipper ICF's hipper prize was a $250 stash of temporary tattoos. But... tattoos? moi?
My friend J was surprised to hear me say I'd never been tempted to get a tattoo, not even for a second. "Commitment issues," I explained, truly. Temporary changes everything! (Though we shall see how temporary it actually is.) So which was to be my first? I picked this one of a robot floating outside a spaceship. It speaks to me, somehow. And peeks teasingly out of a shirtsleeve, as I have noticed tattoos often slyly do.

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