Thursday, November 28, 2013

False but good

As you may know, I often start "Theorizing Religion" with a 2x2 grid, representing the possible answers people might give to two questions: Is religion true or false? Good or bad? Good-and-true and False-and-bad don't describe all possible options. I promise that several the most interesting things we'll be reading are in the false-but-good box, though I sometimes find myself tempted by its contrary, the true-but-bad.

From the false-but-good corner, this word from China. In the Communist Party's official newspaper Wang Zuoan, head of the State Administration of Religious Affairs, has apparently written:

We should pay great attention to the eagerness of religious believers, foster the positive contents of religion, expound upon religious doctrines which accord with the development needs of society ... guide religious believers to have correct beliefs and follow correct practices, carry out the religious principles of reconciliation, benevolence, tolerance and moderation.

Nice religion lives! Maybe we should introduce him to the compassion industry and the Fetzer Institute for Love and Forgiveness?

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