Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We ended our New School history class in its future - a tour of the University Center, due to open its doors in a month! It's quite a different experience from inside than from outside - full of light and movement.
View from the spot from which I've followed the whole process.
 Our class gathers in the Welcome Center opposite.
View from ground floor back across intersection to my photo spot.

Something important on whiteboard next to the elevator bank.
 Iconic NYC water tower skyline view southeastward from 7th floor.
 Inside/outside view down Fifth Avenue as the sun sets in the west.
 The color scheme is nothing if not bold (Urban's colors were subtler).
 One of the fonts "wayfinding" pro Ruedi Baur designed for the building.
Distant West 14th Street Christmas lighting seen across a crowded room.
Across Fifth Avenue through a grid of divisional names.
Long-flowing stairways define the experience of the building.
 My indispensable co-teacher in the vast new 800-seat auditorium.

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