Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Al/ma ma/ter

For a brief moment today it seemed that The New School might get rebranded out of existence. An article in the New York Post declared "The New School may be renamed Parsons"; a piece on a New York Times website made more cautious claims: "The New School has launched a comprehensive rebranding campaign that could rename the entire university by next year, a school source said Monday." By late afternoon the President sent out a hastily written clarification, which does no more than rebut a specific claim the Post piece didn't make.
So don't be surprised if we do get a new name within the year! The last President went through a big rebranding with which nobody was happy; his successor might be thinking it his right and duty to try again.

Two side notes:

1) both of the articles were written by Lang alums whom I knew!

2) I have a great name for us if anyone's looking, true to our past and open to the future: Progressive And Resilient Series Of New Schools

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