Saturday, July 04, 2015


Took my friend R to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this morning, and we found this flowering bush in the Native Plants garden. With a nod to the holiday he calls it "firework flower." This is a picture he took since I'm not only between phones (my American cellphone number has been dis- connected) but also between cameras, a liminality I'm sort of enjoying. My Chinese phone (well, the Samsung I used in China) works here with WiFi so I'm still intimately connected in a way with friends back in Shanghai (by WeChat of course), and it takes passable photos itself, though nothing too advanced. Next week, though, I buy a new American cellphone/subscription and maybe a new camera! (Or maybe not, since iPhones take great photos - R took that picture with an iPhone 4, and we're up to 6! I wonder... am I finally considering getting an iPhone because of its cachet in China?!)

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