Wednesday, September 23, 2015


By a most splendid bit of serendipity I have a swish new phone! My old phone, on its last legs, finally gave out on Thursday, going into an endless loop of almost booting up. By chance I mentioned this to a friend who works in the Dean's Office and she asked my my carrier.
T-Mobile, said I. Then se had a phone for me, she said, never used, which has been sitting in a drawer at her place for a year and a half. (She got it on warranty when her first one had a problem, but had switched to another carrier when it arrived.) Strangely, she thinks it's a gift that she's able to give it away!! I'm dazzled. It's bigger, faster, brighter, thinner and still lighter than my old one, and I'm able to do Pleco and even  on it! The camera's not bad, either, and helped me to the perfect wallpaper, the mosaic mural created by Uruguayan sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca for The New School's 11th/12th Street building extension in 1961. A little busy but it's home. Thanks, K!

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