Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Water towers of 11th Street

Noticed some unfamiliar shadows on the very familiar yellow 12th Street part of The New School out my 11th Street office window this morning before class. After a little while I saw that it was the shadow of the water tower atop the building next to mine. New York's iconic water towers found me two more times, today. The first time was when I stumbled across a booklet I'd put together for an early iteration of "Religious Geography of New York," to help convey the piecemeal way in which religious and other buildings change in the city. (You can mix and match from several sacred and secular designs.)And then, walking along 13th Street to University Place, I noticed that half the block on my right was missing. (I was dismayed that I couldn't recall anything that had been there before...) And lo: peering down across the temporary opening was another 11th Street water tower.

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