Sunday, June 12, 2016

More love

When I heard the awful news from Orlando this morning, and after trying to parse it in words, I just held on to my love, we clung to each other, touch and presence for each other somehow allowing the horror and grief and dread to just be there, in their ungraspableness..

Then I thought of all those who, in this tragedy, had lost the person whom they could hold-and-be-held in just this way. My heart broke anew.

And then the thought of all those who, for whatever reason, think such as we don't deserve to hold-and-be-held filled me with such sorrow, and fear, and sorrow again.

Anger will come too, no doubt, as people claim the horror, revel in it, use it to foment more horrors. For now, I'm with those people who, holding vigil in front of the Stonewall Inn this evening, chanted:

more love, more love, more love.

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