Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Kailas pics

I can't be bothered to dejumble my memories, choose "representative" scenes, etc., but these photos are at least in chronological order.
The planes flying tom Nepalganj to Simikot, and what the flight attendant hands out at the start of each flight; first rock pile on our walk from Simikot to Hilsa; kids on a roof in the Karnali valley; mystic mountains; view over Nama-la Pass; struggling trees along a Chinese road; Nepali-Indian mart in Taklakot; Rakshas-tal, the demon lake, and detritus of past pilgrims; newly carved mane stones from the Horse Year, along blessed lake Manosarovar; me at the Darchen visitors center; Nepali pal Nabraj tying one of many lines of prayer flags friends had given him to take to Kailash; materials for the expanded Kagyu monastery being built at Dirapuk, looking at Kailash' north face; neuron-like prayer flags at Dolma-la pass; a view back from the final day of the kora with Tibet's amazing blue sky; multi-color Tirthapuri; a team of painters working on murals at Gurugyam Bön temple; a view of the Simikot to Hilsa trail, taken from a helicopter (yes, I choppered back!); and, back in the Kathmandu Valley, interreligious harmony on a taxi dashboard, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square a year after the earthquake.

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