Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Once for all and definitively

It's been a while since I read James' Varieties closely enough to recall that Job has a part here, too. After all isn't he the ultimate pragmatist?
That's in the chapter on philosophy (448), which James thinks had better give up trying to cook up its own religion out of ratiocination and instead accept its role as a Science of Religions, vetting hypotheses arising from experience, where religion truly lives. The Job of 40:4 and 42:5 has certainly left philosophical theology behind! But Job features twice before, too. Once, he's a paragon of religious seriousness (76):
The one speaking at 11:8 - it is as high a heaven &c - is really Zophar, not Job, but no matter. The first citation in the book (42) is to the infamous 13:15, Job as poster child for a masochistic Christianity:
Emotionally superior to mere Stoic resignation is the same trust which survives the rout of philosophical religion by the problem of evil.

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