Thursday, June 07, 2018

Early religious studies at The New School

I'm excited to have an excuse to explore the New School archives again. Who knew that New School offered the only course in the US in Abyssinian in 1944? That was at the Oriental Institute, part of the École Libre des Hautes Études, where East Asian languages were taught, too. Who was Abbé Laurent Youn (aka Eul Sou Youn and Yun Ul-Su), who taught Chinese, Japanese and Korean language in 1942-43, as well as a course on "Religions de l'Extrême Orient"? Beyond that he published his 1939 dissertation on Confucianism in Korea and a study of Confucius in 1942, both in French (the latter translated into Spanish in 2003!), I can't find much. He's listed in the New School catalog only for '42-'43 - what brought him to America and where did he go next?

And check out this proto-New Age course offered in 1937!

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