Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pe(e)king over the wall

Greetings from China! Four days in I'm doing fine, jet lag subsiding steadily. The reason you haven't heard from me, and for the brevity of this post, too, is that Internet access is an ongoing headache. I hope to have something sorted out in another day or two (or three). If problems persist I'll do what I'm doing now, use my phone, which isn't having anything like the trouble my laptop is, but makes writing painfully slow.
My course, by the way, started yesterday. I'm very excited finally to have the chance to teach Chinese undergraduates, and the thirty-one intrepid souls who signed up for a summer school course called "Interpreting the Literature of Suffering" look to be excited, too. Our eight 210 minute sessions already seem like hardly enough...!

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