Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall colors

Beautiful autumnal day! I started in familiar territory, though unfamiliar on a weekend - to school for our Fall Open House for prospective students. Jefferson Market Public Library was looking as splendid as ever as one of its attendant trees starts to turn. And sitting on the stage of our auditorium, a futurist folly from 1930, I noticed it's garish orange actually makes from some lovely effects. Up then to Central Park, in gorgeous color. But I was there because a friend had told me that the hundreds of trees blown down by a freak storm in August were being turned into mountains of wood chips. It's true. And then, since I was in the neighborhood, up to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, passing the crazy statue in the peace garden next door, and then dazzled by the light of the stained glass bathing the newly cleaned white stone columns inside in opulent jewel colors.

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Anonymous said...

Aha! So you know this very strange church. Of course! I mentioned it to a few native (!) New Yorker friends and although they claim to know about it, they have never been inside it. I think the construction started in the late 19th cent. and continues till now (well, I am sure there is no $$ now but the church is not finished!)
In the back, there is a very lovely, "secret" garden that is quite full of pretty flowers in late spring. And it was always empty when I went there. Flowers, yes, people, no.
A nice moment to yourself and a very peaceful oasis.