Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rose in the subway

As I was waiting for the subway this morning, the lush scent of a rose suddenly engulfed me. It came from two creamy roses a woman had in her handbag a dozen meters away, their heavy scent pushed toward me by the pressure of an oncoming train.

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Anonymous said...

meters? meters? who speaks of meters here? Suddenly the word, not the scent, takes me away to the land of Metric Measures. I tried to buy some fabric here and no one wants to talk in meters. I have lived here long enough to know that "yard" is the magic word in a a fabric store but in my head, I still measure fabric by meters. How come you measure distance in meters?
The scent of roses is amazing nonetheless. A while ago I wanted not to like roses because they are so...royal and splendid, "not my style", I argued in my head. But their scent will win me each time I smell them. I am at peace with roses now and love them more than anyone else I know.