Thursday, November 26, 2009


Two Thanksgivings in one day is plenty. Even if you have almost no breakfast, and vow to take only a little of the first, it's still a little of a great many things: salmon caviar toasts and pont l'evêque for starters, then a light salad (provided by yours truly) followed by roast brined turkey with spinach and sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, acorn squash stuffed with apple and lardons, and brussels sprouts with butter and walnut. Even if you skip the dessert (assorted pies), you realize with chagrin as you're walking to the subway to head to the next Thanksgiving that you're already packed to the gills. And yet, faced with hand-picked wild rice stuffing with walnuts and apricots, green beans sautéd with sliced brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes and yams, a cranberry ginger chutney - and more turkey! - you find you can't hold back. When the two pumpkin pies - one with an inspired improvised pecan crust - arrive, you, who usually keep your distance from pumpkin pies, actually wonder if you shouldn't ask for more whipped cream. Oy!

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