Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Just for the fun of it, I clicked the "Next Blog" button at the top of this page. Someone's blog of their journey as a Christian. I clicked it again; another of same. Again; same. Again; same. I stopped after fifteen youth groups, minister's reflections, faith communities, personal spiritual diaries, etc., a bit weirded out. Has blogspot been taken over by Christians? On the rare occasions when I blog-hopped this way in the past I used to find all sorts of blogs in many languages, usually chronicling the lives of families or young people and their friends, rarely religious. Or has blogspot changed its operating system it so that it's no longer a random other blog you see, but rather one which all-knowing Google in its wisdom thinks you'd be interested in, based on the blog you're clicking from? Bloggers have the option of "monetizing" their blogs - allowing advertisements to pop up between posts, which are selected for their fit with the content - so maybe it's the same program?

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elisamaza said...

I suspect that Google thinks it knows what you want - scary!