Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blow me down

Charles M. Blow has another column on the weirdness that is religious life in America. Turns out that those who answered "Unaffiliated" in a recent Pew survey of the religious views of "millennials" (about one in four) still believe all manner of things which smug skeptics like Blow think they shouldn't - and even more than older unaffiliateds in similar polls, too! It's painful for some to realize that "unaffiliated" and "agnostic" in America are usually not "atheists" (as we've seen before). Some results Blow presents, with "Unaffiliated, ages 18 to 29 (Millennials)" left and "Unaffiliated, ages 30 and older" right:

Absolutely certain belief in God

Life after death


Go figure!

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