Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy now?

I agreed to submit an article to the special issue of a journal on happiness. My brief, very brief indeed: religion and happiness. Which I interpreted as some angle on religion-and-happiness, but even that's turning out to be difficult. What is happiness? What would make a person think there was such a thing, a single thing, unchanging and accessible in every time and place? (Don't get me started on "religion"!) But it's no fun simply to point that out, huh! Suggestions, anyone?

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Helle Ringgaard said...

Happiness can be a very fleeting feature of life indeed.

But if you opt for the heartfelt sense of meaning/love/belonging/Universe-of-Unity-experience of Happiness, you could have a look at the supportive, narrative frame of interpretation for Happiness, that religion provides it's followers with.

Some people have strong spiritual experiences of happiness without being religious in the established/congregational sense of the word.

For others religion will map out what and how happiness is supposed to be - and provide a set of guidelines along which to reach the state of Happiness.

Happy now ?!? :-)