Friday, March 05, 2010

Here's looking at you

While taken with my camera, this picture wasn't taken by me. Rather,
it's the work of a new friend, M, a seven (or perhaps eight) year old Ethiopian girl who has just started a new life in New York as the daughter of my dear friend L. (I can't show you a picture of M but that's her baby doll Helen above.) While M's been in this country for most of a fortnight, this was my first time meeting her. But we got on almost like family - I knew her from photos, and, it turns out, she knew me the same way. I took a suite of photos of her mother-to-be in this very park in November to be sent to M at the orphanage - and her mother took a picture of me and included it. So when M heard she was going to meet Mark (roll that r), she suggested this same park/playground at 22nd and Tenth Ave.! We're clearly going to be very good friends, I can feel it.
A propos park, it was there also that I noticed this first proof of Spring...

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