Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yours in anarchy!

Remember that talk I gave on the history of The New School, which corrected the exclusive attention to "founding fathers" by inserting a picture of Emily James Putnam between Charles Beard, John Dewey, James Robinson and Thorstein Veblen, and told of Clara Mayer, etc.? Well, it was worth it. A colleague who commented on that presentation is director of our new Gender Studies Program here, and although she's been at New School for decades she'd never heard of Putnam and her sisters. Well: the conference to kick of the New School Gender Studies Program began this morning with a report on women's contributions to the founding and defining and supporting of the school - news to most everyone there! Next to the panel was a big photo enlargement of Putnam! And they'd found a picture of Clara Mayer. Glad to have helped set the record straight!

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