Friday, May 21, 2010

And the band played on

In last semester's Teaching & Learning Seminar (where the peer advisers to the first year meet to plan their workshops and discuss issues) everyone had to write an essay on some university or college tradition they thought it important that new students learn about. I was naively expecting essays on the Dramatic Workshops, the University in Exile, Hannah Arendt, the history of protests, you know - old stuff. What I got instead were things that are currently part of student life... many of which I didn't know about before.

I was reminded of one of these essays yesterday, when two of our graduating seniors told us that they would be touring with their bands this summer (H at far left, A at far right below). Bands! The Teaching & Learning essay (incidentally by the student who won the prize for best work in Interdisciplinary Science) was about the college radio station, and how if you listened to it long enough you'd realize that every Lang student is in a band. Who knew!

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