Sunday, May 16, 2010


To fête our five departing Religious Studies seniors, we had a hat party.
To mark the auspicious occasion I made a papier mâché headdress
(my first papier mâché since a Kant piñata in grad school).

Mama Lola
Hume - Schleiermacher - Hamann
Eliade - Marx - Douglas - Freud - James - Durkheim
Add 1 graduate = Religious Studies 11-faced Kannon (十一面観音)

The surface is made of cuttings from the IDEA forms we love to hate, here finally put to true pedagogical use. Start inside, as "More false than true" and "More true than false" jostle with "Improper marks," then make your way up through the Scantron bubbles' chaos of uniformity and the region of words (all gerundive phrases) before arriving at the enlightenment of wordless bubble-less illumination.

In the right company, the Religious Studies hat (modeled here by a Religious Studies minor) can lead to spirited repartee.


Anonymous said...

Where is Caputo?! Or did Hamann replace him in the Theorizing Religion hierarchy?

mark said...

Hamann scoops the lot of them.