Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quite a spread

A bunch of friends came over last night to help me celebrate my birthday with a dinner. Casting about for a menu I decided to try for a culinary tie-in to all the places I've lived - 9 countries, and 4 US states! I managed all except one of the states, albeit one where I spent 9 years.

Beets with orange and mint
Bresaola (Italy, where I lived c. 3.5 yrs)
Guacamole (chile from New Mexico, 2 yrs)
Mixed olives

Porcini risotto with roasted brussel sprouts
and sautéd shiitake mushrooms (Japan, 3.5 years)

Baby arugula and radicchio salad
with mini-heirloom tomatoes (California, 11 yrs),
balsamic vinaigrette with pumpkin seed oil (Austria, 2 yrs)

Aged Gorgonzola
Appenzell (Switzerland, first days)
Brie, Chêvre and Livarot (France, 1 yr)
Cheddar (New York, 7.5 yrs.)
Sage Derby (England, 3 yrs)
served with assorted breads (Germany, .5 yr)

Sticky date pudding
with butterscotch sauce (Australia, 1 yr)

Japanese green tea

Good company (sorry about the picture), much wine and a Skype visit by my parents helped make for a memorable evening. Thanks, everyone!

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