Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three cheers

I think we just put on a very successful conference. I mean very, very.
We had excellent turnout for both yesterday's panels (student/alum and clergy) and a good sixty-odd people stayed through the whole of today's exhilarating but exhausting 7.5-hour marathon of keynote, nine papers and respondent. That was, frankly, our biggest worry: would anyone come? But now I can say: I don't know why you came (not complaining, I'm very glad you did!) but I know why you stayed. The presentations were all of them excellent, and different enough, on their own and in combination, that it was constantly stimulating and yet had a real coherence to it. And as we hoped, we hit a nerve: by all accounts this was a conversation that was waiting to happen, needing to.
Thank you everyone who was involved! We done New School proud!

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