Saturday, March 03, 2012

Local glyphs

At an exhibition on the Photo League at the Jewish Museum I happened on a 1950 picture by Arthur Leipzig called "Chalk Games, Prospect Place." My street! The street where "The Wiz"'s Auntie Em lives, too!

Not sure how long I'll stay here, though. Burglars broke into the third floor kitchen on Tuesday - that window's accessible from the fire escape, as mine on the fourth floor is not - and in response the landlady is having bars put on all our garden-facing windows. (They call them "gates" to make them seem less oppressive.) Can I live without the uninterrupted views of sky and Manhattan to which I've become accustomed? I know, loads of New Yorkers live with gates on their windows, and better safe than sorry. Still... at least until I find another housemate I may dream of flying away.

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