Saturday, November 03, 2012

Lisbon pics

In roughly the order in which I saw them: The Baixa district, the first "seismically modern" city, built under Marquês de Pombal on the ruins of the 1755 earthquake (and at least 2500 years of earlier settlement), with an outdoor elevator built by a student of Gustav Eiffel. Saint's effigy. Silly Baixa building. Notebook in the José Saramago museum. Alfama alley and graffiti. Curved wall of the Pantheon. Fava beans with linguica. View from the top of the elevator across the Baixa, and toward the Tagus. Atmospheric skeleton of the Carmelite convent, the arches rebuilt in the 19th century for Romantic effect. Representative church interior. Art center whose caption apparently reads "Cogito ergo non sum." Downpour in the Baixa. San Antonio. Pillar moved by the 1775 earthquake in Sé cathedral. The Praça do Comércio, lagrest square in Europe, right on the river. And don't forget the lovely paved sidewalks.

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