Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We did it!

In the subway on my way home from the opera (Thomas Adès' ravishingly beautiful "The Tempest" at the Met) news updates on my smartphone - some at 72nd Street, more at 14th (a wifi station): Networks predict a second term for Obama! Warren ousts Scott! Akin and Mourdock out! Dems keep Senate! But the one that brought tears to my eyes awaited my arrival in Brooklyn, an e-mail from Mainers United for Marriage:
Victory! We won!
For the first time, a state has won marriage at the ballot box
and we’ve done it right here in Maine.

And actually it looks like Maryland approved marriage equality, too!

The nation's ballots remain to be counted, and I suspect we won't see the last of Mitt Romney for a little while yet. (But after that: oblivion!) The popular vote's a lot closer than the Electoral College: lots of people again voted against Obama, will resent the non-abolition of "Obamacare," and will blame him for the poisonous political climate. The nation remains parlously divided.

But I'm feeling the "arc of the moral universe" right now.

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