Sunday, December 02, 2012


This is the final push! Before I head home for the holidays, the Job manuscript - final draft! - will be on my editor's desk. I went to Princeton Friday to check out some illustration possibilities in the Rare Books Room. I had a 1536 German Bible in my hand, inscribed by Luther and Melanchthon! I was also given a tour of Princeton University Press and introduced around as a "Princeton author." Gulp! I'm not sure whether to be reassured or unnerved by their proud lobby display of their big crossover hit, Harry Frankfurt's essay-turned-pocketbook Bullshit, shown in a dozen translations (including the unlikely Japanese 『ウンコの議論』).

The delectable image of Leviathan above is not one I'll be using, since it's not from a Bible, but a "North French Miscellany" in the British Museum, c. 1280 CE. It may show the mythical beast not in Job at all, but when he's served up at the messianic banquet. Bon appétit!

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