Saturday, September 07, 2013


I don't get out New York much - out into the New York environs, that is! So it was a rare treat to hitch a ride to Cornwall, up the Hudson River a ways, today. Crossing the George Washington Bridge and following the Palisades Parkway, we were rolling up and down wooded mountains just an hour after leaving the city! The purpose of the excursion: my friend S, an Episcopal priest, was being officially "instituted" as rector at the church where she's been serving for much of the last year. The institution is a heavy duty service, presided over by a bishop, and in more than one way like a marriage service: vows are exchanged. Cornwall's a nice little town, but with more churches than churchgoers I suspect. It'll take lots of energy, vision and faith to lead St. John's Episcopal into the future. I wish both partners well - they're an appealing couple, already happy together.

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