Friday, September 13, 2013

Mugging like an author

Wednesday's interview requires an author's photo - what to do? I found one I liked, taken by my sister on our trip to Canberra - a detail of a picture with one of my nephews on the Telstra Tower overlooking the city at dusk. One of my friends thought it made me look "satanic," an issue for the author of a book on Job, but everyone else liked it.
Unfortunately, however, it's not enough pixels! So we needed a new one. My housemate and I laughed our way through several dozen unusable ones with me trying to look like I wasn't posing, finally settling on this. I look a little supercilious, but in just the right "I write books" way. And I'm happy with the background - a poster I picked up in Taiwan (you may have seen it my living room) which catalogs some of the thousand manifestations of Amida. No claim to be a biblical scholar!

There are secret meanings too (I love those). The poster's in a language I can't read (don't ask me if I read Job in the original!). And my book catalogs some of the thousand manifestations of the Book of Job.

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