Friday, September 05, 2014

杨浦区 Yangpu

Stayed near home today, availing myself of my hostess' rickety one-speed bicycle to get around, and am now not only officially registered with the police, but the proud owner of a Chinese cell phone! Bring on your 短信 text messages! (I gather I won't be able to participate in FB/twittery Weibo since I don't have a Chinese ID card.)
The day started with blue sky (not for long but precious while it lasted).
Cycling is a wonderful way around this part of the city, nobody in a hurry, the road easily shared by vehicles large, small, faster, slower.
第一食品 Shanghai's first food department store, occupying the southwest corner of the enormous 万达 Wanda mall a little beyond Fudan University. (Northwest corner: Walmart.) I've a sneaking suspicion I'll be coming here often for traditional foods served fresh and cheap.

Tomorrow I'm thinking to undertake an expedition to 松江 Songjiang, 30km southwest of the Shanghai (but still on the subway). It's not on the tourist maps, which is part of what appeals to me about it, but that might also mean finding the Yuan dynasty pagoda and the faux-olde Englishe town might be more easily said than done. Wish me luck!

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