Thursday, October 09, 2014


A visit to NYU Shanghai in Pudong gave me an excuse also to check out what might be the biggest Daoist temple in the city, Taiqinggong 太清宫 (though in some places also described as Cinciyang). It was a quite afternoon, with few worshippers - an athlete, a businessman, another young man and a young couple, though there was also a ceremony going on for a small group in the back - but the place clearly has its devotees of many kinds. I've no idea how old anything here is. As I saw it:
The view of the main gate and bell tower from the street
Operatic warriors patrol the roofs
Emperor of Eastern Sacred Mountains in first hall (top picture)
Votives to the Emperor and his attendants
Remains of incense sticks
Primordial Lady of Descendants, Primordial Lady of Compassionate Salvation and Primordial Lady of Midwifery and Child-Care
Embryo-like offerings to the Primordial LadiesMidle hall houses three huge gilt statues of Heavenly Sages
Incense before this hall has burned through the metal roof here
Heavenly Sage of Primary in the Jade Clarity, center, and the Heavenly Sage of the Tao and Virtue in the Supreme Clarity (bearded)
Buddha-like glass offerings in this hall
Temple reflection
View from second floor to the smoke-surrounded biggest hall
Imposing three-storey hall behind which the priests live
Priest conducting a ceremony in the largest hall, to flutes and drums
Pure Yang Warning Perfect Sovereign (behind glass)
Arhat-like golden Immortals in an upstairs room
Brilliantly colorfull roof ornaments
The friendly temple staff at your service!

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