Friday, October 17, 2014

Veggie view

I've been sticking close to Fudan the last few days (on Sunday I depart for my first trip outside Shanghai, 4 days in nearby Nanjing) so here's an unglamorous picture of the east 食堂 dining hall. It's the only one with a vegetarian vendor, and the folks at left here are politely queuing for it. At least from here the other lines look mobbed like a train station.
It seemed gauche to take a picture of my tray, so here, instead, is dinner chez moi. I'm making my way through the veggies at the market. These particular greens are a trifle bitter; the thing on the right (I've no idea of its name or genre), first encountered in the 食堂, is a new favortite. Guilin sauce is a killer. And for dessert, half a 柚子 shaddock!

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