Monday, November 10, 2014


My friend H and I went to Hangzhou today, famous for its beautiful West Lake 西湖. The weather wasn't so good (brownish) but at least the crowds weren't as bad as they apparently get on weekends. We went out in a boat to an island which itself contains a small lake with an island at its
center. It all makes for great views even in faded watercolor colors. Watercolors? No, floating in a paper scroll where water and sky are one.

 Later I sought out a Daoist Temple which turmed out to be up a steep hill, and led to a viewpoint impressive even in the murk - check out the panorama below of the city, the core of an old pagoda, and West Lake with one of its long walkways. Can you imagine it all in green and blue? I confess I couldn't quite.

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