Sunday, January 18, 2015

369 days

Rats, I missed the anniversary of my starting Chinese! That happened January 14th last year. Who would have thought I'd come so far? Not that I'm that far. I've started volume 4 of New Practical Chinese, so am roughly where students in intensive college classes are at the start of their fourth semester. Not bad! But conversations remain halting at best. But there are starting to be some... Now, can I write that in pu tong hua?! Let's see.  

上星期四是我开始学习汉语的第一周年纪念,可是我忘记了!是去年一月十四号在纽约的China Institute的。我的进步真的不少。但汉语水平还没有太高。我现在读New Practical Chinese第四篇呢,跟美国很好大学里的第二年第二学期差不多。没不好! 可是跟中国人说话的话我说得还不流利。重要是,那种说话越来越多!

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