Monday, May 04, 2015


We're entering an exciting period of inter-religious exploration at Fudan. The Xu-Ricci Center for Dialogue has invited a Korean Protestant theologian engaged in Confucian-Christian dialogue to teach a course on "Asian theology" (above is one of the slides from his opening lecture, arguing for an East Asian theo-dao more appropriate than the theo-logy of the hellenized West) as well as a Jesuit from Paris to give some lectures on Aquinas. Both will be joining me Friday at a symposium I'm directing called "The Book of Job in Dialogue: Chinese Perspectives." Also present will be a German philosopher from Macau, who is currently teaching a course on Hegel's lectures on the history of religion, and a postdoc from Renmin who has recently completed a study of "Cultural Christians." The "Chinese perspectives" will, I trust, be provided by others coming...!

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