Sunday, October 04, 2015

Vivat Snitow!

I can't resist sharing this collage. The work of Bogna Burska, it was presented to one of my senior colleagues at Lang, Ann Snitow, on her receiving the first Courage in Public Scholarship Award of the New School for Social Research-Europe initiative. Ann's one of my heroes, and also one of the heroes of J's and my New School history work. She took our rediscovery of the formative role of women in New School history to frame a big conference on gender studies at the New School, and we've used her essay on the difficulty of telling non-patriarchal stories and, indeed, maintaining memories of movements struggling against patriarchy, in framing our own project. She's also provided invaluable documents, narratives and connections for our work. But while she was fighting the good fight at New School, she was frying bigger fish too, helping ignite gender studies in a dozen ex-Soviet bloc countries.

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