Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yatra prep

Got the likely itinerary for my trip, and thought I'd do a little Google Maps diagram of it. Not so easy to do, it turns out. Here's a start:Weather permitting we'll fly into Simikot (2910m) the morning of July 21st, and take three days to trek along the historic yatra (pilgrimage) route following the Karnali river to the Nepali-Chinese border at Hilsa (3640m), which is to the left of Muchu where the valley starts to look broad and sandy - above the treeline, I guess, on the Tibetan Plateau.
There we'll rendezvous with a more intrepid group, which embarked on a tough trek through the Limi Valley a few days ago, and drive through Burang/Taklakot (4755m), where the yellow road starts, and between the lakes to Darchen (4575m), where the Kailas yatra commences!

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