Friday, April 02, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I. Hate. Writing? Well, I do. It takes me forever to get anything on paper, and then I replace half of it and strike out the rest. Then repeat, and repeat again. Meanwhile my argument twists and turns... It feels like scrambling eggs. On a stove that won't stay on.


elisamaza76 said...

Me, too! And, when I was dissertating, my chapters had this bad habit of exploding (think "exploded view," as of an engine or something). I'd get to a certain point and realize that at least one thing in the chapter was actually several things, and then there would be all of these potential directions, and my thoughts would go 4 different ways, and I'd have to wrangle them and reimpose order by reshaping what I'd done (and what was to come), usually by reworking half and ditching the rest. So imagine thinking you've got an engine, then it explodes, and you've got to put it back together as a different sort of engine.

I love reading. I love thinking and talking about what I read. I love getting other people to read and talk. I do not like writing. Unfortunately, I'll need to get a lot of it done in the next 6 months.

Good luck with yours!

Lauren Eddy said...

It gives me a strange kind of hope and encouragement to know that people at your level feel this way too.
Back to my own writing I go!

By the way, you take lovely photographs!