Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Realty bubble

From a student reflection:

Often times it doesn't matter what other people's opinions are when they contradict our own belief that's deeply rooted inside us. Whether it's religious or just a personal belief about life, our realities are our own. The realities we make up for ourselves are real and affect how we live regardless if they're based off of another person's truth or a dream world. It makes me think that there's no such thing as one realty.

Reality and realty blur as the student continues:

When some one says a phrase like, "well, the reality is X-Y-Z" I can no longer take them seriously.... Whose reality are we talking about? Most people's realty? Their Realty? The common reality? A visual reality? What is this common reality the majority of all people are working in at all times, and if it's their reality ... why do I care when I live in MY realty?

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Anonymous said...

I laughed for five straight minutes. Goodness.